When it comes to delivering excellent freight forwarding, fulfillment, pallet storage, pick and pack services, then we are your number one go-to resource. These are the services that define us as a brand, and in which we have over the years never ceased to wow our clients on.

So are you looking to employ any of our services? Well, these are what each of the services we offer entails.

With our freight forwarding services, you can be sure that we would conveniently transport your goods safely since we are extremely knowledgeable of the supply chain elements. We would assist in the packing, warehouse stages, international export and import documentation, storage, inventory management, and customs procedures; thereby taking some of the hassle from you.

This is what we do; as such we know how to save costs on services that would usually have placed more demands on you; making your product get to you in time and in one piece. The many advantages you get to enjoy from utilizing our freight forwarding service cannot be overemphasized.

Our freight forwarding services like most others often involve six stages, and they include: export haulage, export customs clearance, origin handling, import customs clearance, destination handling, and import haulage.

Freight forwarding would usually involve a lot and that’s why we usually encourage our clients to be patient; especially when their products or goods are being transported by sea. Once our services are employed, we would always demand that you trust us absolutely for the best of delivery.

We also offer fulfillment services in which we take the burden of preparing and shipping your orders off you. If you don’t want to have any business with the shipping or you have outgrown your existing warehouse capability in which manually shipping things have become cumbersome, then we are your best bet.

We often offer way more than just help you pack and ship off your product, we offer inventory control, merchandise insurance, and customer support. All through the shipment process, you can count on us to keep updating you with the information that you need. Our insurance fees often cover for damaged goods you receive and would be promptly replaced. So you see that we’ve got you covered.

Are you looking out for a warehouse where you can conveniently store up your goods for long or short term? Our pallet services can help you tend to this. With our pallets, you can be sure your goods are kept secure and stored properly, yet have easily accessible.

Our pallet area consists of pallets storage racking that is up to two meters high, and can carry very heavy equipments, while our storage bays can store up as much as 2.2 tons, and are very ideal for storing up both large and small items.

The beauty about we offer is that we make our excellent services available without charging you the usual flamboyant rates prevalent in the industry.

Our pick and pack services is organized, coordinated, and with an extreme amount of attention to details. Like other pick and pack services available, we help you ship your items even though they are in very small quantity. We employ for kinds of strategies in order to deal with the challenges usually associated with pick and pack services. And they are piece picking, batch packing, zone picking, and wave packing.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve the services we offer, that’s why we are your best shot at making your warehousing and distribution quest a reality. You can count on our services at all times—but we would always deliver and in grand style.